NCS 24/7 Live Stream with Song Request | Gaming Music / Electronic Radio


Welcome to Mucicbot: NCS 24/7 Live Stream. Our NCS 24/7 Gaming Music Radio uses the best of NoCopyrightSound song and mixes of popular EDM songs. Feel free to use our Electronic Radio for gaming music or anything you want. COMMAND: !coin : Shows how much coin you have. You can use coins to request songs. Talk friendly in live chat to get more coin. !give : Give coin to some one you want. Ex: !give 100 @Musicbot. Amount your can give is 1/10 of your coin. !queue : queue length and current request cost !donate : show donation info in live chat, don't use super chat for big amount !search: Use to search song in playlist with struct: artist - songname. Example !search Alan Walker Fade !level : Check your rank on this stream !play (artist - songname): Use this to request a song. When your requested song is added to queue, the amount of coins you have will decrease. Ex: !play Alan Walker - The Spectre. When u dont remember artist name, use song name only. Ex : !play Energy You can search song name in our playlist: Background picture: Thank to NCS and all Artist for best music. Music providing by NCS, GoblinsFromMars,TheFatRat,Tobu,K-319,Alan Walker: Follow NCS: • • • • GoblinsFromMars: TheFatRat: Tobu: Contact Us: